How to Download IMO for PC Windows OS?


These days, it has become quite important to stay connected with your family members and friends and instant messenger applications can help you. However, having a messenger app on your smart phone too has become quite a hassle in the present technological world. This is because presently, you will find several options for messenger apps in the market. Since all of them have similar feature, picking a suitable one may turn out to be quite challenging task. In case you’re facing similar issues, then you this is a perfect place for you. In this article, we will be talking about how to download IMO messenger application for Win 10 operating system.

The general feature of a messenger application is to let the user to send messages via their data plan & IMO does this job quite efficiently. In addition, the app lets the users to do a number of things. For instance, you are able to send texts, make regular as well as video calls, etc. Also, you are able to use the app via your Wi-Fi, 2-G, 3-G, 4-G Internet connections as well.

Similar to the other messenger apps currently in the market, IMO lets the user to send as well as receive multimedia files for example audios, videos, etc. Besides, the user has an option for making their message further interesting by using various emoticons & stickers. The user can also create groups with friends & family members. And since the chats are encrypted, no one will be able to read your messages while chatting to the other person except you & the other person you’re chatting to.

How to Download IMO Messenger Application for Windows PC:

You will require an application player for running Android applications on your desktop. Hence, first of all, install Bluestacks which is a free app player for Mac & Win. You can find it on

1. Once you’ve installed Bluestacks, launch it & type” IMO Messenger “, press install. Allow the app to completely install on your desktop.

2. In case you are unable to find the app on the app catalogue of Bluestacks, you will have to set up “IMO Messenger” with the method mentioned below.

3. Search for IMO Messenger APK on Google. Download it & launch the APK file with the help of Bluestacks App player. Once installed, launch the app.

Enjoy IMO messenger app on Windows!

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