Alcatel Idol 3 vs Moto G 2015


The Moto G 2015 and Alcatel Idol 3 are some of the smartphones that have gained a lot of popularity in the Android market. It is the highest time to dig deep into these two phones and compare them in terms of features, quality, specs, and so on. Both of them are great phones and are ideal for your money. Although, it is the human nature to find the best out of different devices. This article will assist you in making the hard-decision.

Alcatel Idol 3 vs Moto G 2015

Both Alcatel Idol 3 and Moto G 2015 perform well and are very pleasant phones when using. Their software are toned down to mostly offer you with the basics. The Alcatel Idol 3 runs on Android 5 lollipop OS with a Snapdragon 615 processor, while its counterpart Moto G on Android 5.1 Lollipop with a Snapdragon 410 processor. Whereas both the two phones offer you with a uniform rear camera, RAM, and storage of 13 MP, 2GB, and 16GB respectively, the front camera for Alcatel Idol 3 8 MP while for Moto g is 5MP. Moto G has a microSD port that is expandable upto 32GB whereas for Alcatel it’s expandable to 128GB. Alcatel Idol 3 has a display of 5.5-inch 1080p LCD as compared to Moto G that is 5.0-inch 720p LCD.

In terms of battery, Alcatel stand out with its 2910mAh battery as compared to 2470mAh for Moto G. Moto G measures 142.1 by 72.4 by 6.1 – 11.6 mm while Alcatel Idol measures 152.7 by 75.14 by 7.4 mm. the latter weighs 155 grams while the former weighs 141 grams.

It is important to keep in mind that Motorola sells a version of Moto G 2015 with 8GB of storage and 1GB of RAM, although this comparison is specifically for the 16GB storage and 2GB RAM version.

Which Is The Best Performer?

By taking a quick look on the above specs, you can just conclude that Idol 3 is the best performer, although this isn’t the case. Motorola has done lots of magic in the Moto G 2015, making it to carry out different things in a better way than Idol 3. Its interface is clean and responsive although it does not have all the specs as the Idol 3. The following are some of the other features that are unique to these phones:

  • Both Alcatel and Motorola have proven to care when it comes to updating these phones, which is very important;
  • Moto G doesn’t have NFC which is present in Idol 3;
  • With the Idol 3, you will get a decent sounding stereo speakers that are facing forward;
  • With the Moto G, you will get a legendary Motorola radios inside, these have gained an awesome reception, than most of the other phones;
  • Picking your color combination is much fun with the Moto G, as it has the default Black color as well as other colors like yellow, red, and green.
  • The Moto G is sturdier than Idol 3, with its rounded back making it a lot easier to handle.
  • Idol 3 has got an excellent Amp and DSP package just like most of the recent phones, its music through the headphones will sound very nice.

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